Varaible Data Printing

vdpWhether it is text matter, signature, pie charts, bars, graphs, postal pincodes, special number fonts, barcodes, etc, you can get them printed in no time at Hitech Print Systems. You need not procure any preprinted forms beforehand to do this. We can simultaneously print the fixed matter in color and the variable / personalized printing in black color at high speed using Inkjet technology.

Further advantage that our technology offers is, it is possible to print on thinner paper to cut down postal charges than of using a thicker paper on Laser Printer. Unlike the Laser printed sheets our equipment uses Inkjet technology that enables the Barcodes and Data printed over the sheets to have more permanency and does not result in crackling and falling of images on the sheets.

Complete Print Solutions:

Outsourcing has become a buzzword these days for everyone. More and more companies are focusing all their energies on their core activities, leaving the other responsibilities to the Service Providers.

With the help of Variable Data Printing Technology that we offer, your forms can be printed in a Personalized format, folded, sorted pincode wise, stuffed and mailed directly to customers. Pre Printed and Personalized matter gets printed ‘on-line’ at high speed incorporating security features also, based on the client ‘s requirement. All you need to provide us is the data. We will execute the entire print job and ensure that your forms reach the client directly from our factory.

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