Hitech has the necessary Infrastructure at its Factory at Pedaavutapalli, near Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, to deliver world-class printing solutions.Our highly dedicated team at the factory gets continuously trained both in India and abroad. They are well versed with the technical aspects of the jobs and are also aware of the nature of jobs they undertake as required by the customer.
No Compromises are made on safety and quality aspects. We also have fall back options to face critical situations should they arise.

Factory Premises :

Unit I : Production facility has over 55,000 sq. ft. of area with clear demarked areas for Pre-press, Production, Post Production and Dispatch. The administrative block at the factory has 4300 sq. ft. of space completely covered with CCTV and solar energy which ensures the secured smooth running of production and the factory.
Unit II : Unit 2 is spread over an area of 2 acres and has constructed area of 20,000 sq.ft. for Non-Securing Items.

Equipment :

Hitech has created world-class printing facilities at its factory at Pedaavutapalli near Vijayawada by importing state-of-the-art machinery from Germany, Denmark, Singapore and U.S.A. Entire equipment runs in a dust free air-conditioned atmosphere maintaining
highest standards of safety and security. The production area is under constant electronic surveillance.

Details of Machinery at Factory


  • Screen Thermal Plate Recorder (CTP).
  • Protek Thermal Plate Processor (CTP).
  • Dainippon Screen Plate Exposing Unit.
  • Protek Screen Plate Exposing Unit.


  • Muller Martini Grapha 20 1/2 Printing Machine : I
  • Muller Martini Grapha 20 1/2 Printing Machine : II
  • Muller Martini Grapha 20 1/2 Printing Machine : III
  • Combination Press
  • Muller Martini Grapha 32 1/2
  • Muller Martini Pronto 16 1/2
  • Rotatek RK 250+
  • Autoprint – Pack to Pack 7000 – 3 Nos
  • 3-Web Press With 620 MM Cutoff
  • Rfid Encoder
  • Autoprint-Sheet Fed
  • Ryobi-Sheet Fed offset

  • Rfid Tag Inserting Machine
  • Bama 2000 M Collator
  • Schober SRX Collator
  • Schober SRS Collator
  • Atlantic Zeiser CS 17 Numbering Machine
  • Atlantic Zeiser Z-19 Micr Numbering Machine
  • Perfecta Cutting Machine : – 76UC
  • Perfecta Cutting Machine : – 92UC
  • Indian cutting machine manual : 2 Nos
  • Kodak Versamark Inkjet Printing Systems – 3 No’s
  • Folding Machine-Shoei
  • Muller Martini-5 clamp perfect binding
  • Imaging Scanner (2 No.s)
  • Optical Mark Readers – 7 Nos
  • Patch Applicator Machine
  • Spooling & Rewinding Machine
  • Hologram Stamping Machine – 2 No’s
  • Wire Stitching Machine : 3 Nos
ISO Certified :

Hitech is equipped with sophisticated systems, softwares and CTP to create plates for production with/without security features.
Our processes and systems are ISO 9001 : 2008 certified and also has ISO 27001:2013 for data security.

Printing Volumes:

This infrastructure has given us the flexibility to deliver short runs of 5000 forms to large runs at 5 million forms per day.

Personalised forms printing / Variable Data Printing:

One million forms per day can be personalized, sorted pincode wise, stuffed and mailed directly to customers. Preprinted and Personalized matter gets printed ‘on-line’ at high speed incorporating security features based on client’s requirement.


We can deliver to any part of the country and are also geared up to sort and deliver to the district level.


Team at Hitech is well trained to execute the job with high commitment and team spirit. Our team will execute your job with involvement and commitment.

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